August 3, 2012

Film study: Trenton Brown

Georgia Military offensive tackle Trenton Brown gave Georgia fans some news they have been waiting on Friday morning when he became the Bulldogs 24th pledge of the 2013 class.

At 6-foot-8, 350 pounds, Brown is impossible to miss on the field, but UGA and 18 other schools didn't just target him for his size.

The Albany native is one of the top JUCO linemen in the country, and has a skill set that Georgia will put to use right away.

Where he is great: Brown is a mauler in the run game and despite being so tall and long, he plays with excellent leverage. His size and quickness off the ball allow him to be a devastating down blocker.

He does a great job of washing down defensive linemen that are lined up inside of him, and he has the size and initial punch to handle defenders who are head up.

He also has an quick and sound first step in pass protection. He protects the quarterback with a great deal of balance, a wide base, and solid hand placement. He moves his feet well, and has extremely long arms that are a huge asset when protecting against edge rushers.

Where he is good: It is almost impossible for a man of Brown's size to have elite quickness, but it is still very good. His feet are very quick, but as a whole, Brown moves very well for a big man.

Brown has a strong initial punch in the run game, and is very solid when he can lock on a defender.

As a pass protector, Brown rotates his hips well, and does a great job of cutting off the inside gap so that he can use his long arms run edge rushers out of the play. If a defensive end or outside linebacker does try to beat him inside, he has the size and strength to bury the defender with no harm done.

Brown also has an excellent understanding of the game and knows how to play the position. He is able to compensate for not having elite quickness for a tackle with anticipation and strong lower body technique.

He also bends well for a man with his height. Brown has extra long legs that, at first glance, you would think are a bit stiff, but when it is time to get to work, he shows that he can bend well and play with a great deal of leverage.

Where he needs work: At GMC, Brown has worked harder than he ever has in his life, but he will need to work even harder when he gets to Georgia. His work ethic isn't a question, but he will need to push himself to a different point at the next level.

Many linemen that are as tall as Brown struggle with staying low when run blocking, and the GMC lineman is no different. He tends to play a little high and even more so when he is asked to block in space.

There are also times when Brown gets fatigued that he will fail to move his feet and rely too much on his upper body. This leaves him in a position where he is exposed to bull rushers and has to hold to deal with edge rushers.

While Brown uses his body well to move defenders, he does need to work on getting stronger. His upper body isn't weak, but he needs to improve on his upper body strength.

He will also need to be careful with his weight at UGA.

Overall: Brown is a rock solid right tackle prospect that can play right away at the next level. You don't see many 6-foot-8 guards, but Brown has the ability to play that position as well.

Physically, he is smart enough and plays with enough leverage that he will never be pushed around on the inside, and he has enough quickness to handle just about any pass rusher that comes his way.

If he is beat to the edge by a pass rusher, his ultra long arms help him make contact and change the angle of the rusher, which is a very valuable tool.

His skill set is very much suited for a right tackle or offensive guard prospect, and he is a fairly low risk, high reward prospect that reminds us a lot of former LSU standout Herman Johnson.

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