November 5, 2008

McNeal Admits His Surprise in Oklahoma

Last week Bryce McNeal said his expectations for his official visit to Oklahoma centered around the stereotypical Western star, 'cowboys'. The 6-foot-2, 170-pound receiver had never been to the Sooner State before and apparently only had ideas of singing Cowboys and dancing bar maids.

However, after his trip to Norman he admits that he was caught out by the atmosphere and the people he found during his official visit to Norman.

"It was nice, it wasn't what I expected; I thought it was going to be a lot of cowboys," McNeal said. "I liked that I got to hang out with the players, the coaching staff, and to get a feel for the campus.

"I got to eat some decent food and get a feel for what it would like to be there."

It's always a difficult process to pick what players might best mesh with an official visitor but apparently the Sooenrs hit the nail on the head with Sooner resident rapper Jameel Owens, along with Casey Walker and Jermie Calhoun making McNeal feel at home.

Apparently though it wasn't Owens who was ready to rock the mic.

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