Where South Carolina Gamecocks baseball players, 2021 signees sit in MLB draft prospect rankings
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Where current Gamecocks, signees sit in MLB draft prospect rankings

With South Carolina's baseball season over, the Gamecocks now turn to the offseason and one of the biggest events in it: the MLB Draft.

It's a little bit different this year—later than a typical draft and 20 rounds shorter than the average draft—but the Gamecocks could have a lot of players from this year's squad and a handful of signees hear their names called.

With just over a month away from the first round, a look at a few MLB Draft prospect lists and where Gamecock-affiliated players sit.

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Photo by Katie Dugan
Photo by Katie Dugan

The Gamecocks consistently have three to four players landing on MLB prospect rankings, most notably Brady Allen, Wes Clarke and Thomas Farr.

Allen is ranked by four different prospect sites—Baseball America, PerfectGame, MLB Pipeline and ESPN—coming in as high as the No. 106 by Kiley McDaniel and ESPN.

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Baseball America has him as the No. 218 prospect, PerfectGame at 161 and at 187 by MLB Pipeline.

Clarke is ranked No. 116 by ESPN with Baseball America has him at 187 and PerfectGame puts him as the No. 244 prospect in this draft.

Farr comes in highest by Baseball America at No. 100 in the class with Perfect Game having him at 109 and Pipeline at 132.

Other players from this year's roster included are Brannon Jordan—No. 157 by Baseball America and 223 by PerfectGame—Julian Bosnic, who's ranked 246 by Baseball America, 180 by Pipeline and 250 by PerfectGame.

Andrew Peters also checks in on PerfectGame's list at No. 321.

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As for the signees, the most notable ones on these lists are infielders Cooper Kinney and Michael Braswell, both of which hover around the top 150 in almost all of the rankings.

Kinney is rated as high as No. 25 (ESPN) but checks in at No. 112 by MLB Pipeline, 97 by PerfectGame and Baseball America has him the lowest at 194.

Braswell is ranked by every site except ESPN, sitting at No. 90 by Baseball America, 117 by MLB Pipeline and 139 by PerfectGame.

Outfielder Thad Ector—270 by Baseball America and 376 by PerfectGame—also makes multiple lists.

Junior college right-hander Drew Baker is ranked No. 312 by Baseball America and PerfectGame has another JUCO pitcher, Hunter Parks, at No. 167 in the draft with outfielder Elijah Lambros at 311.

The 20-round MLB Draft begins Sunday, July 11 and goes through July 13.

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Baseball America (top 400): Michael Braswell, 90; Thomas Farr, 100; Brannon Jordan, 157; Wes Clarke, 187; Cooper Kinney, 194; Brady Allen, 218; Julian Bosnic, 246; Thad Ector, 270; Andrew Baker, 312

PerfectGame (top 400): Cooper Kinney, 97; Thomas Farr, 109; Michael Braswell, 139; Brady Allen, 161; Hunter Parks, 167; Brannon Jordan, 223; Wes Clarke, 244; Julian Bosnic, 250; Elijah Lambros, 311; Andrew Peters, 321; Thad Ector, 376

MLB Pipeline (top 200): Cooper Kinney, 112; Michael Braswell, 117; Thomas Farr, 132; Julian Bosnic, 180; Brady Allen, 187

ESPN (top 150): Cooper Kinney, 25; Brady Allen, 106; Wes Clarke, 116