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Baseball Class of 2016: Recruiting Bios

Collyn Taylor, GamecockCentral.com

• Wilson Beattie

RHP/1B, Summerville High School

6’2, 165 pounds

Wilson’s the No. 70 overall prospect in South Carolina and the 24th-overall right-handed pitcher in the state. He was an honorable mention to Perfect Game’s Underclass team in 2014 and 2015. His fastball’s been clocked at 85 miles per hour.

• Grant Bodison

SS, Mauldin High School

6’3, 180 pounds

Grant’s the top-ranked player in South Carolina and No. 46 (No. 12 shortstop) high school prospect in the nation. He was an honorable mention to Perfect Game’s Underclass team in 2014. Perfect game says he has an “extremely high ceiling.” He’s listed as the No. 119 overall prospect in the country on a list that includes college players as well.

• Sawyer Bridges

RHP, Summerville HS

6’, 165 pounds

He’s ranked 378th in the nation (125th RHP) and fifth (No.2 overall RHP) in South Carolina. Growing up coming to South Carolina, he said committing to South Carolina was a “no brainer.” Sawyer was a Perfect Game Underclass honorable mention in 2014 and was named to the 2015 Underclass 2nd Team. His fastball was clocked at 91 mph but he says it hovers around 93 now.

Favorite Food: Spaghetti bake

Favorite MLB Team: Atlanta Braves

• Duncan Callahan

RHP, Dillon

5’10, 170 pounds

He’s ranked the No. 362 RHP in the country and the No. 8 righty in South Carolina (21st-overall prospect). He was a Perfect Game underclass honorable mention in 2014 and 2015.

• Carlos Cortes

C/2B/OF, Lake Howell (Fla.)

5’8, 185 pounds

Carlos is a highly touted prospect, ranked No. 36 in the country in the 2016 MLB Draft pool. He’s ranked the 17th-overall high school player and top catcher in the country. He was named to Perfect Game’s 2015 1st Team Underclass. According to Perfect Game, Cortes can “flat out rake.”

• Brad Debo

C, Orange (N.C.)

6’1, 190 pounds

Brad was named to the Perfect Game Underclass 1st team in 2015 and is ranked the top catcher in North Carolina (No. 2 overall prospect in the state) and he’s the No. 21 catcher in the country (170th overall).

• Christian Flint

SS, Boca Raton Community HS

6’1, 160 pounds

He’s ranked the No. 19 shortstop in Florida (189th overall high school prospect) and the 170th-ranked shortstop nationally. He was named to the Rawlings-Perfect Game Honorable Mentions All-American All Region team in Florida.

• Josh Gregory

OF, Gaffney

6’1, 185 pounds

Josh is the top lefty in the 2016 class from South Carolina and the 37th-best lefty in this class nationally. He’s ranked the No. 4 overall prospect in the state for the 2016 class. He was named as an honorable mention to Perfect Game’s 2015 Underclass team. He runs the 60-yard dash in 7 seconds. His fastball was clocked at 87 mph.

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite MLB team: Los Angeles Dodgers

• Dalton Griffin

OF, South Effingham (Ga.)

6’2, 200 pounds

Named to both the 2014 and 2015 Perfect Game honorable mention Underclass team, Dalton is the eighth-overall outfielder from North Carolina in the 2016 (No. 32 overall). He’s ranked No. 42 in the nation for outfielders as well. He’s been clocked throwing 93 mph from the outfield.

• Rian Haire

LFP, South Caldwell (N.C.)

6’3, 210 pounds

He was named a Perfect Game Honorable Mention in 2014. He’s ranked the top prospect in North Carolina for the 2016 class (No. 2 LHP) and the 14th-best lefty in the country for this class. His fastball was recorded at 93 this past summer. He’s rated the 86th-overall prospect for the 2016 MLB Draft.

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite MLB team: Atlanta Braves

• Riley Hogan

3B, Edgewater (Fla.)

6’3, 185 pounds

A switch hitter, Riley’s been named to the 2015 Perfect Game Underclass 2nd team. He’s the eighth-rated third baseman in this class (No. 24 nationally). He’s also ranked the 24th-best third baseman nationally.

• Jonathan Jahn

LHP, Westside (Ga.)

6’2, 190 pounds

He’s the No. 7 lefty in Georgia for this year’s class (41st LHP nationally). Jonathan is also ranked No. 40 in state overall (325 in the country). His fastball was recorded at 90 mph. He was named 2nd Team Underclass by Perfect Game in 2015.

• Colby Lee

RHP, Latta

6’2, 170 pounds

No. 4 RHP in the 2016 class (No. 237 nationally) and ranked tenth overall in the state. He throws an 91 mph fastball according to the Florence Morning News.

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite MLB Team: Atlanta Braves

• Joey Polak

3B, Quincy Notre Dame (Ill.)

6’5, 210 pounds

He was 1st Team Underclass from Perfect Game. He’s the top-rated third baseman in Illinois (No. 5 third basemen in the country). Tenth overall prospect in-state and top-200 prospect nationally.

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter & Jelly

Favorite MLB team: Yankees growing up

• Joe Rizzo

RHP/INF, Oakton (Va.)

5’11, 195 pounds

Joe’s another high-profile prospect in this year’s class. He’s rated the No. 14 overall high school prospect in this year’s MLB Draft, the highest of any South Carolina commitment, and the 33rd overall prospect in the country. He’s the No. 1 recruit in Virginia and the 14th-overall recruit in the country. He was named to Perfect Game’s Underclass 2nd team in 2015.

• T.J. Shook

RHP, Dutch Fork

6’4, 200 pounds

Local prospect from Dutch Fork (Irmo, S.C.). He’s ranked the No. 10 RHP from South Carolina in this year’s class, No. 27 overall recruit in the state. Fastball topped out at 90 mph.

Favorite Food: Macaroni and Cheese

Favorite MLB Team: Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs

• Jake Wright

LHP, Chester

5’11, 200 pounds

Jake’s ranked No. 157 in South Carolina for this year’s class.

Favorite Food: Outback steak with a salad and baked potato

Favorite MLB Team: St. Louis Cardinals