Carolina game balls awards game balls to the deserving players of No. 12 South Carolina's 21-3 win over Vanderbilt.
Marcus Lattimore
Vanderbilt hit him hard, and often. The going, for the first time all year, was difficult for Lattimore. But the Heisman Trophy candidate still found room to get loose on two crucial plays - catching Stephen Garcia's eye on a blitz and juking for a 52-yard touchdown; and then peeling off a classic Lattimore inside-zone read for another TD. Only 77 yards, his first non-100-yard game of the year, but he also had 73 receiving yards. He's the motor to the offense.
Antonio Allen
Yeah, just another fumble recovery, giving him three for the year, to go along with two interceptions. Sure, it got knocked out of his hand, but good grief - Charles Woodson ain't the only defensive guy that deserves some Heisman consideration.
Melvin Ingram
So, let me get this straight. Blocking on the play, but he's in front of Allen so there's nobody to block, and when the ball gets knocked loose, it bounces on a perfect roll into the end zone and Ingram dives on it. That's his THIRD touchdown this year. To compare, USC's receivers, all of them (not counting Lattimore) have two.
Jadeveon Clowney
Only four measly tackles? Oh, wait, two were sacks. And he forced two fumbles. And on the last, he hurdled the blocking fullback came over to stop him, before he knocked the ball loose. I forget where he's from …
Marty Markett
Led the team with five tackles, and they were textbook - meet the guy before he jukes you by continuing to run.
Ace Sanders
He led the team with four catches for 75 yards and is getting really good at that box-out run to the sideline, about the only pass that Garcia is hitting in stride. After being shut out last week, Sanders got back in motion, which was needed with Jason Barnes out.
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