For a long time, Kentucky was a win South Carolina could count on yearly, even if the games were still somewhat close. From 2000-09, the Gamecocks won 10 straight over the Wildcats, before the Wildcats upset South Carolina in 2010. South Carolina then won 3 straight again, making it 13 out of 14 from 2000-2013. Since then, the story has been reversed. Starting in 2014, Kentucky won five straight, and seven of the last eight meetings between the two teams, with South Carolina's lone win coming in 2019. As the Gamecocks enter 2022 with heightened expectations, the road game at Kentucky in week 6 becomes a pivotal game in a season that could be hinging between mediocrity and taking the next step after an early schedule that should have the Gamecocks sitting at 3-2 at worst, and perhaps even better if things go their way against Arkansas or Georgia.