Five Quickies With Blake Mitchell

After a recent practice, we asked quarterback Blake Mitchell a few quick questions. In response, Mitchell, a redshirt freshman from LaGrange, Ga., offered us some quick answers. Here's a quick look at what was discussed.
1. What do you need to improve on to move up on the depth chart? ... I need to be a little bit quicker with my decision making and a little bit better on my reads, and I’ll be fine.
2. How much different is the offense under Lou? ... Yeah, I think it maybe is a little more run oriented, whereas Skip had a little more spread or whatever. We’ve still got basically the same concepts and everything. Maybe a little different.
3. What is your take on how the competition will shake out at quarterback? ... Whoever the best man is will be the starter. That’s all I can say.
4. What were some of the things that you concentrated on in the off-season? ... I just came up here to work out and get stronger, bigger, and faster. I did a little pass skel and worked on my reads or what not.
5. Are you frustrated that everyone has judged you just on that one spring game? ... Yeah, I had a bad day. Everybody has bad days, and that was just mine. It came during the spring game. I was definitely disappointed, but that’s the way it goes I guess.
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