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We're well aware that there are plenty of news sources online for news about South Carolina athletics. At Gamecock Central, we pride ourselves on providing our vibrant message board community with the latest behind-the-scenes news on the South Carolina athletics programs and recruiting. With the 2017 season around the corner and 2018 recruiting set to hit full swing, you do not want to miss out on our coverage.

In the world of instant news, we not only provide you breaking news but aim to take you beyond the headlines. Chris Clark's regular feature, The Insider Report, gives accurate and in-depth information with the latest on Gamecock recruiting. Wes Mitchell's Carolina Confidential gives you the inside scoop on happenings with Carolina's football team as well as even more insight from the recruiting trail. Instead of just post-practice quotes, our practice insiders take you behind the scenes with what's happening behind closed doors, how players are progressing, and how those close to the program feel about the team. subscribers get access to The Insiders Forum, where members can ask our staff a question at any time, discuss with other knowledgeable USC fans, or find plenty of other news and notes. Try it, and you'll notice the difference.

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