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How schools recruit this LB will play a role in his decision


Tyron Hopper is up to 17 offers and he is likely soon to be over 20 at the rate he is going at right now. He has recently added offers from schools like Florida, Georgia Tech, Minnesota, North Carolina and Ole Miss.

The 6-foot-2, 205 pound four-star linebacker out of Roswell (Ga.) is looking to set up visits to numerous schools and it is to the schools that are currently recruiting him the hardest.

Who comes at Hopper with the most consistence will play a role in who he signs with in the end.

IN HIS OWN WORDS: "It is very important to me how hard schools recruit me," said Hopper. "It will show me that need me and that they are really interested in me. I will look at this all the way through until I make my decision. I want to see who really wants me, who really wants to get to know and just who makes me feel important.

"A lot of schools hit me up a lot, but the two that are on me the hardest are probably Florida and South Carolina. I talk to C-Rob (Christian Robinson) and coach Dan Mullen from Florida. With South Carolina, it coach [Mike] Peterson and T-Rob (Travaris Robinson) that I communicate with.

"Georgia Tech, Miami, Ole Miss and Tennessee are some others that I talk to and hear from a lot.

"I am looking to visit each of those schools. Who recruits me the hardest means something to me, so I am planning to visit those schools and check them out. I don't have any favorites yet, so how schools recruit me and what I see on visits will be big for me.

"I do not know too much about schools yet. I am working on getting to schools starting soon and by the spring, I want to have it down to between 5-10 schools. I have not really thought about when I want to make a decision yet, but I just want to get out there and be able to get my list down this spring."

RIVALS REACTION: Hopper has watched two cousins of his sign with Boise State and North Carolina in recent years, so he has a good understanding of the recruiting process. He said the best advice he has been given by them is to commit to a school, not the coaches. He has not been out to too many schools yet, so he is still very open to all. Georgia and Ohio State are two schools he feels is close to offers. He said he was a big fan of the Buckeyes growing up. He has not thought about if he wants to sign during the Early Signing Period or on Signing Day yet. He does not plan to make a decision until late in the process.