GamecockScoop - Howard enjoys learning about Gamecocks' nutrition program
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Howard enjoys learning about Gamecocks' nutrition program

Jacksonville (Fla.) Andrew Jackson class of 2023 high three-star linebacker Grayson "Pup" Howard has already been to South Carolina several times, so the priority target is already pretty familiar with what the program has to offer.

Still, his most recent trip, for South Carolina's junior day Saturday, offered a look at a different side of the program.

"It was just about learning new things about the nutrition side," Howard explained. "We made pizzas. We did the normal photoshoot. Then Coach Day and his team did their presentation about the weight room and training. Coach Beamer did his presentation about the staff and everything. It was just learning little details. It was just another day up there for me. Getting to cook and getting to know the nutritionist, that was cool."

@decaphobia on Twitter
@decaphobia on Twitter

South Carolina Director of FB Nutrition Kristin Coggin is often hailed by those within the program as an unsung hero behind the scenes and Howard was certainly impressed with what he learned.

"I think she's phenomenal," Howard said. "She showed me pictures of all the players she's had at her house teaching them how to cook. She's teaching them all about nutrition, because I've always known that nutrition is probably about 70 percent of the process. You've got to put the right things in your body so that you can perform right. I think she absolutely stresses that. That's her job and she does a great job at it."

As for the pizza he made? He's still tweaking his recipe.

"I would give it a solid seven. It was my first time making a pizza, but there's many more times to make one."

It's no surprise that Howard and Coggin hit it off. He says he has a strong relationship with multiple coaches on staff.

But it's defensive coordinator Clayton White and analyst Shaq Wilson that he is closest with right now.

"I'm real close with them," Howard said. "But every time I go up there, I talk with everyone. I talk to Coach Beamer and Coach Day, every position coach to the nutritionist, to GAs, everybody. I definitely think at South Carolina they just want to put me in the middle of the defense and let me be versatile and make plays, just helping out the team get the dubs and leading the defense."

Howard plans to release a top group in late spring or early summer and currently plans to make a decision on early signing day before enrolling early.

While he's not claiming favorites, he does have a lot of positive things to say about the Gamecocks.

"I'm real comfortable with them," Howard said. "I've been up there many times and I get along with the coaching staff really well. I'm real close with them and I believe in them and definitely think that they're doing great things at South Carolina."

Howard plans to visit Tennessee next week.


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