Lattimore: Dr. Guy lifelong friend

As part of Gamecock Central's conversation with USC Sports Medicine Director Dr. Jeffrey Guy, we spoke with former Gamecock running back and current San Fransicso 49er Marcus Lattimore about his relationship with Guy and what Guy means to the USC athletics program.
Gamecock Central: What's your relationship like with Dr. Guy?
Marcus Lattimore: Dr. Guy, when I first got here my freshman year, he was so personable. I never had an injury in high school or my freshman year, but we were close because every time he saw me he spoke.
He's just a person you want to be around. When you see him, you smile. He's such a good person. Then I had my first injury, and I had no clue who was going to do my surgery. I didn't even know he was our surgeon; I just thought he was a doctor.
GC: What was the first surgery like after the ACL in your left knee against Mississippi State your sophomore season?
Lattimore: Obviously, he did a great job on my surgery for my left knee, and through the whole process was so optimistic and so positive that there's no way I thought that I could fail because of the way he talked to me and worked with me, the positive things he said.
He said, "Don't worry about it. You're going to be back in nine months." When people say stuff like that, especially him, the guy doing my surgery, it means a lot to me.
GC: So then you came back for your junior year and were just beginning to find your feet.
Lattimore: Right. I got back my junior year and it happened again.
GC: For those of us who were on the edge of their seats in fear and prayer for you, what was that moment like for you on the field against Tennessee when you suffered the injury to your healthy right knee?
Lattimore: I really don't remember it at all besides being thankful Dr. Guy put the towel over my head. I was torn down. But he was right there with me. He was holding me, telling me, "Everything is going to be OK. Everything's going to be fine. We're going to get you put back together and get you back right." And that's what they did.
GC: Can you talk about what Dr. Guy means to you because of that?
Lattimore: He's one of the biggest blessings in my life. Dr. Guy was the main person. To get me through that. He'd text me throughout the day; he still texts me to this day. He's a lifelong friend.
GC: You've had some experience now with a professional team's medical staff. How does that care compare to the care you received at USC?
Lattimore: It's very similar. The guys there (in San Francisco) are very personable, but it's been so much of a family here. I'm from South Carolina. I know the people here. Nothing can top what we have here at USC. The people, the support, the commitment, it's all the best you can get and I'm so grateful for it.
GC: What's next for you now?
Lattimore: I'm looking forward to getting back on that field. August 7th, our first preseason game against Baltimore, is going to be a special day for me. I'm just really excited to take the handoff, because a lot of people have said I couldn't do it and that it couldn't be done, what I've overcome. But I know that Dr. Guy believes in me, and I know that everybody in the state believes in me and a lot of people across the country.
I know if I didn't have Dr. Guy in my corner, I wouldn't be where I'm at today.