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Muschamp Florida presser recap

South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp spoke with the media Tuesday to discuss his return to the Swamp.


Quick-hitters from Will Muschamp's press conference:

** Hate it for Luke Del Rio. Wish him the best. There will be a change at quarterback, but probably not a change in scheme. McElwain does a good job schematically and that probably won't change.

** Have to do a better job defensively with the two-back running game. Florida has four running backs that are big with top-end speed. Florida is huge across the front on the offensive line.

** Muschamp lists off a ton of Florida players that he's impressed with. Obviously very familiar with their players. Florida is very good at every level on the defensive side of the ball.

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** Really excited about final approval for football ops building. It's a game-changer for the players and for recruiting. Really appreciate that approval. Excited about where we are and excited about the future.

** Will have to make some adjustments within the game with Florida having a different quarterback.

** Nothing changes within the work week with Florida. What will his emotions be like Saturday on the sidelines? Won't know until then, but prep has been the same.

** Facing a D like Florida, the windows to throw in will be tighter. Have to be smart with the ball and receivers have to attack the ball too. Florida will play a lot of bump and run. We know that.

** T-Rob does a great job of walking the line between connecting with a player as a friend and someone they can talk with while also knowing when to be serious and to gain respect of the players. He's got a very close relationship with his players. He develops them but he does it in a father- or brother-like way.

** Muschamp is asked who on the team is most likely to be the President. Muschamp says there are a bunch, but Perry Orth, Mason Zandi and T.J. Holloman come to mind.

** Zack Bailey has been a very consistent, good player. You always want to know what you're going to get from a player from week to week and he gives you that.

** Florida is a team that you have to be balanced against. They have a good pass-rush and you have to stick to the run.

** Kobe Smith played more snaps than he's played all season Saturday. Missouri used so much tempo that you couldn't sub against them. Whoever is there at the beginning of the drive has to play it out. Smith played his best game. Keir Thomas has played well even though he's undersized to play 3-tech right now. D.J. Wonnum has continued to improve. Has been great on special teams.

** Proud of the way Chris Lammons has responded in practice. Had an unfortunate situation. Lost his cool a couple of weeks ago, but he's responded well and had good energy in practice.

** The fact that USC is still in the running for the East has been mentioned but any of those scenarios require Carolina to beat Florida, so the focus is on beating Florida.

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