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NC State: Recruit Reactions

Note: This article will continue to be updated, so check back.
GamecockCentral.com caught up with current USC commitments and targets to get their thoughts on last night's 7-3 victory over NC State in Raleigh. Here is what they had to say:
Current Commitments
Brandon Golson, St. Matthews (SC) Calhoun County: "The defense has been the truth and they need to work on the offense some."
Eric Mack, St. Matthews (SC) Calhoun County: "The O-line is better than ever but they still need a little improvement. They stepped their game up a lot. Garcia needs some work; I'm surprised they didn't throw the jump ball to my boy Alshon (Jeffery)."
Ronald Patrick, Cocoa (FL): "I thought it was real good. The offense had a lot of good flashes and the defense just played lights out."
Cadarious Sanders, Lagrange (GA) Troup: "We worked really hard but there were things we could have done better, they were small things we can improve on. But hey, we won that's all that counts."
J.T. Surratt, Winston-Salem (NC) Parkland: "It was ugly, but they won so I'll take it."
Dylan Thompson, Boiling Springs (SC): "I thought the defense looked great and Tori Gurley will be great."
Tramell Williams, Jacksonville (FL) Lee: "I recorded it; the defense was nice, but seven points is not going to be enough to win in the SEC."
Senior Targets
Ricardo Allen, Daytona Beach (FL) Mainland: "They won…a lot of mistakes but they looked real good on defense."
John Fulton, Manning (SC): "I think the defense played great, especially the secondary and linebackers".
Dontrell Johnson, Garden City (KS) CC: "I watched the first part of the game; I saw some good things and I liked the defense."
Todd Neal, Mobile (AL) Theodore: "That was a good game. They were pretty good, they just have a few things to work on."
Antoine Pozniak, East Syracuse (NY) Bishop Grimes: "Not bad. I knew they would win. I really like the program."
Lucky Radley, Woodland Hills (CA) Taft: "Really tough. They played hard for all four quarters and it paid off! I was very impressed."
Junior Targets
Chevelle Buie, Cocoa (FL): "It was a good game; it (the running game) was a good attack and I like it a lot."
Gerald Dixon, Rock Hill (SC) Northwestern: "The defense played great. It made me want to go there."
Ray Drew, Thomasville (GA) Thomas County Central: "It was pretty good. The defense is pretty strong, they held very well."
Everett Golson, Myrtle Beach (SC): "Yeah, some of it! I thought Garcia played pretty good. I liked the style of offense, I was surprised by it."
Chris Johnson, Ocala (FL) Trinity Catholic: "I just watched some of the highlights from the game last night, I'm impressed by the defense. Good win last night.'
Nick O'Leary, Palm Beach Gardens (FL) Dwyer: "I watched a little bit of it; they looked good when I was watching."
Clifton Richardson, Newport News (VA) Menchville: "I thought the offense could have done a lot better, but the D made some big plays."
Deante Saunders, Deland (FL): "Yeah, I saw it. I think they look good. I liked the offense and I liked (Eric) Norwood on defense.
Sophomore Targets
Shakeem Wharton, Duncan (SC) Byrnes: "Yeah I watched it. The defense is great and the offense needs to get better."