QA: Into the spotlight for Thind

One player that we will pushed into the spotlight this season is Gurminder Thind. Thind will go from rarely used backup to starting at the all-important left tackle spot. Following a recent practice, caught up with the redshirt freshman about a number of topics. How has practice been for you so far?
Gurminder Thind: Practice has been real well. You know, I just go out there every day and try to play my assignment to the best of my ability. When I do that I have very little mental errors. Every day I am improving and that is a good sign.
GC: How is it coming into your second year under Coach Spurrier and Coach John Hunt?
GT: It has been great. Coach Hunt is a great coach. He is very patient and works with the guys. It has definitely been better.
GC: What do you think you need to improve on between now and the start of the season?
GT: One of the things I need to improve on is getting my self-confidence up just a little bit more. There is always room for improvement. Just work on the little things. Once you work on the little things that is when you become great. That is all I am focused on right now.
GC: How has it been out here without the fans watching practice?
GT: Honestly, I do not recognize the crowd at all. I just get so zoned-out that I do not even think about all of that. I just think about playing my assignments. The crowd does not really affect me, but I am sure when it comes to game day it will.
GC: Tell me about some of the young offensive linemen. Are they coming along good?
GT: Hutch Eckerson from North Carolina. He has really impressed me. He works real hard and he busts his tail. He has such a great attitude. I believe he is going to be a great player for Carolina.
GC: Do you think anybody else might be able to step up from the freshman offensive linemen besides Hutch Eckerson?
GT: It is hard to say right now because they are still freshmen. They are still learning the system. It takes time when you are a freshman playing offensive line.
GC: Who is the toughest person at the defensive end position that you go against?
GT: Defensive ends? None of the defensive ends are really tough to be honest with you. One defensive player that I really get ready for is Jasper Brinkley because he really brings it when you hit him. That is one person that I look up to.
GC: How do you think this year's offensive line will do compared to last year's offensive line?
GT: As long as everybody comes together as a team, we all focus and we play every assignment to the best of our ability, then I honestly believe we will have a better season than last season. Hopefully, we will have more wins.
GC: What are the goals this year for the offensive line?
GT: Play every assignment to the best of our ability. That is about it. Just getting together as a unit is our goal right now.
GC: Do you have any individual goals besides improving every day?
GT: I do have football goals, but I would rather not say them right now.
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