Quick Baseball Press Conference Recap

Ray Tanner met with the media on Thursday to preview No. 2 South Carolina's weekend series hosting Auburn. The details:
* Jackie Bradley Jr. is scheduled for surgery on his left wrist on Friday. Tanner reiterated that it's highly likely that Bradley Jr. is out for the year, but everybody heals differently and Bradley Jr. may beat the odds one more time. "I think there is a chance, although it might not be in a role that we would be excited about, necessarily." Could be a role where he could play defense toward the end, pinch-running, but swinging the bat will be the question.
* Evan Marzilli is being monitored by the USC medical staff for a rapid heartbeat. "It appears at this point that he will be available," this weekend. He has been prescribed a treatment plan that will keep the condition under control. He's missed some practices but the Gamecocks are hoping he'll be able to go today.
* Auburn is very dangerous offensively. It's an outstanding club, as teams in the SEC always are. The Tigers did win the West last season.
* Tanner has had to play a bit more of the father-figure role with so many injured players. He heads into the training room every day now, just to offer some encouragement and lighten the mood.
* Adam Matthews took BP on Wednesday. He's still a ways away from returning, but it's at least progress.
* Starting pitching was kind of shaky last weekend, but it still got the job done. There are no changes to the rotation. Auburn may try to mimic Mississippi State's offensive approach.