GamecockCentral - Shi Smith once again carries Gamecock passing attack
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Shi Smith once again carries Gamecock passing attack

After a one week vacancy, Shi Smith is back being South Carolina’s leading receiver.

The senior receiver totaled eight receptions for 76 yards and a touchdown. He had over half of the receiving yards for the entire Gamecock team and made two huge plays that swung the momentum of the game, including a third-quarter touchdown catch that gave his team a lead they would never give back. The other was a juggling catch as he fell down to keep a fourth-quarter drive alive and it led to a Parker White field goal.

“Unbelievable play...the guy is playing elite ball, Mike (Bobo) is doing a great job of targeting, I think he had eight receptions today and probably another five or so targets,” Will Muschamp said. “He’s a really good football player, he’s somebody that every time you line up as a defensive coordinator you’ve gotta account for him, “How are we going to deal with this guy?” He’s a problem.”

Smith was seen getting into it with opposing players which is becoming a trend so far this season.

“That’s just how I play, man. I come with a little fire with me,” Smith said. “That’s just how I play and I’m pretty sure the coaches on the other side are telling them to do it, just to get in my head because they just know I bring that fire. That’s just how I play so I’m cool with it.”

“He’s a great competitor. Most guys that I’ve been around that are great competitors and really good football players, they get after it. He does as well,” Muschamp said. “I do think it’s a fine line. I would much rather be saying “whoa” than “giddy-up”. If I’m trying to tell a guy “giddy-up” at this point we’ve got a problem.”

Smith leads South Carolina in practically every receiving category this season, including receptions, targets, yards, and touchdowns, which he has three of in the first four games.

“When he has his composure, and he and I have this conversation a lot, when you’re really composed man you’re hard to deal with,” Muschamp said. “You still have your competitive edge and you still have your competitive nature. There is a fine line there but I would rather be saying “whoa” than “giddy-up” in a lot of situations. If we had 110 Shi Smiths, I’d be happy.”

Smith and the Gamecocks look to stretch their winning streak next week at LSU at 7 p.m.