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Spurrier teleconference recap

South Carolina Gamecocks head coach Steve Spurrier spoke with the media via teleconference on Sunday.
Injury report: Zack Bailey, Carlton Heard, and Brandon Wilds are expected to be full go.
Connor Mitch will be limited but start throwing it around on Monday. Dante Sawyer is out for "a while." He and Taylor Stallworth should be back on Tuesday. Lorenzo Nunez is still out.
The game against LSU was a "tough one." Spurrier said LSU had the ball 49 plays the first half and couldn't stay on the field on offense and had to play a lot on defense. There were a lot of good plays, but USC wasn't good on third down and that was a big reason for the difficulties.
Spurrier said as far as USC knows, the Vanderbilt game will be at USC.
Spurrier was asked about Heard and Wilds holding themselves out yesterday. Spurrier said "if a player says he can't play, he can't play." They allow the player to make the call. The trainer does not allow anyone to play if that player thinks he should not.
Plan going forward for Mitch: See how healthy he is, how ready to go he is. He'll be back in the mix to play if the trainer clears him.
Spurrier said nothing in Columbia was an excuse for how they played. "Obviously we've had some terrible tragedies. We're all pitching in to help those affected by the flood."
On Vandy: "He (Ralph Webb) is a very good running back. There's no question about it. They're a very good team and they're much improved on offense."
Spurrier on Orth: "He made a nice throw to Jerell and a nice throw to Pharoh and both of them made a play go to score. We weren't very consistent on offense yesterday. We didn't have a real strong offense yesterday."
DJ Smith offsides call: "It was very close, that's about all I can say."
On doing something differently against Vanderbilt. "We've got to mix it up. We've got to run and pass. Their scoring defense is fifth in the conference."
Social media stuff from players: "I think it was just one. We'll handle that up here. We'll do our best to handle those situations up here."
On Blackshear redshirting; Spurrier alluded to the fact that he could get a medical redshirt potentially. Mentioned the high school injury.
"We play so many good plays and then bang, they make a third down. They overthrew one guy and hit the second guy right behind him. It's frustrating when you make two good plays. We had a lot of good effort in the first half and maybe just got worn down in the second half."
Jordan Diggs over DJ Smith: "You'll have to ask Coach Hoke that question. He did have a couple missed tackles, yes."
Is Coach worried about chemistry: "We're a fragile bunch, now. We suited up two quarterbacks yesterday. I don't know if I've ever done that. I think our guys are OK. Losing's no fun at all. We haven't been 2-4 since I've been here. All we can do is prepare for Vandy."