Teleconference Recap: Davis doubtful

Looking forward to seeing if we can play a lot better than last game. East Carolina has done a very good job. We had a rough start on Thur. This game will be a good test.
RB Mike Davis is doubtful for ECU game. Won't practice for next couple of days. Bruised ribs
Brandon Wilds will likely start vs. ECU, with Shon Carson and David Williams as backups. DW needs to play more. Hopefully, we can block a little better.
Dylan Thompson had a good game vs. ECU 2 years ago when he made his 1st career start. But ECU is a lot better team than 2 years ago.
Strength on offense? We don't have one right now.
ECU "knows what they're doing in the passing game." We'll be well tested on defense.
Major changes on defense? Not likely. Spurrier repeated what Ward said after Thur's game. Most of the same guys will play. Just need to tackle better and play better.
Spurrier will change up a few things in practice this week to get the team to play at a fast pace.
Team's demeanor on Saturday was "what you would expect." We realize we can't just show up and win games. Have to win the battle up front.
Possibly one change on offensive line.
Offense was "very average" at best on Thur. "Hopefully, we'll give our fans something to cheer for."
UGA RB Todd Gurley: "You wonder how anybody is going to tackle him. But we'll worry about him next week."
Defensive alignment: It didn't matter what we did the other night. They had a very good O-Line.
ECU defense: They're quick, well-conditioned, play their assignments. They have big expectations this year. They play hard and smart. It will be a tough one for us. If we "show up" like we did last week, we'll be in trouble.
David Williams. Play more? If we get 99 plays like TAM, we could play 5 RBs.
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